Pest Control Services

We provide a complete range of pest control solutions.


Roaches are a fact of life in South Georgia. We know just what to do.


Stop Termites dead in their tracks and prevent future infestations.


Bedbugs are one of the most annoying and difficult to treat infestations.

Rates and Mice

Rats and mice are very common problem. We can handle them effectively.

Wasps & Bees

Wasps, bees, carpenter bees, etc. can be dangerous. Let us eliminate them for you.


Ant bites can be quite painful. We can stop ants from invading your home.


Whether you have pets or not fleas can be a nuisance.


No matter what kind of spider problems you have, we’ve dealt with it before.

Anything Else…

Do you have a pest that we haven’t mentioned here? Call us and we’ll help!